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Art Concrete: Guest Gallery

THIS PAGE highlights selected concrete and metal work from other artists. As part of the project I put out an invitation for artists to submit work: "The guest gallery is for work that uses concrete or portland cement in creative ways, and could be jewellery, functional forms, or sculpture." Also see the links page, for links to other artists.

Artists listed here are linked to individual pages with more information.

Mike Ancira Joaquin Aviña
Heath Beeman     Charles Lewton-Brain
Carol Boram-Hays     Deborah Brackenbury
Val Damon
Sue Dorman Ilene Dunn
Faducci Pieper
Edward Gennetten Gennetten concrete Gronbeck Gronbeck concrete
Carla Fox Patricia Herrscher
Stephen Hogbin Sherri Warner Hunter
Todd Hertner Bill Horst
Robert Jackson Jeff Koncz
Jeff Kudrick kudrick Hannes Kuehtreiber
Malone Malone T. J. Neil
Bill Parr Stuart Peterman
Graciela Petroni Peter Powning
Nicholas Rees Rachel Reynolds
Gerald Taylor Donald R Tucker tucker
Carole Vincent Vincent Scott Damschroder Damschroder
Amy Lennard Gmelin Gmelin

Other professional artists, jewellers and metalworkers are invited to submit images of works that use concrete and metal. Details for submission?

Last update: April, 2011.