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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Bill Parr

Fist: concrete. Bill ParrConcrete Form #2. Bill Parr

Left: "Fist." Right: "Concrete Form #2":
Bill Parr
Concrete, carved.

"Most of my work originates from pencil drawings. I'm a retired fighter pilot and drawing was an escape for me from the military and the lack of "individual" expression. It is one thing to draw a two-dimensional object and quite another to form the idea into an omni-directional piece. Sculpture to me should provide an ever changing view as you move around it, and yet it holds together as a single unit.

"The concrete sculptures are not cast but rather formed by casting a block of concrete and then forming it by reduction, or carving away the waste. The artist is limited to only about one hour to carve the finished work. I cast a cement block and wait about 7 hours before it sets up enough to unband the form and have it hold together."

Bill Parr

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