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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Hannes Kuehtreiber

Hannes Kuehtreiber
Concrete Sculpture
Hannes Kuehtreiber, concrete
Hannes Kuehtreiber, concrete

In my work I have to respond to the angular concrete slabs that populate the world around me.

Sometimes I use river sand which contains "Glimmer" (mica, I think) and etch the surface with acid to bring it out. But often I use the premixed stuff sold in sacks at hardware stores to pour floors because it gives me exactly the "concrety" look I am after. Usually I prepare it with a water/liquifier/acrylic mixture. I vary the amount of liquifier to get more or less bubbles on the surface which enhance the "concrety" appearance. I stopped using wire mesh reinforcements because many parts are very thin (<2cm) and the wire doesnt help much when its in the middle. I have modified a cappucino milk foamer to vibrate the mixture into narrow molds.

Molds are fiberboard, sillicon or lego blocks.

I like to see my works out in the open where they get rained and snowed on.

The sculptures are from the series "Virtual Machine"(2003-2005) and "The way to the top*"(2004) and are about 10-30cm tall.

Hannes Kuehtreiber, concrete

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