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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Graciela Petroni

Graciela Petroni
El Pasillo - iron and concrete design
Graciela Petroni, concrete
KULTRUN: Square coffee table.
Concrete and iron, 40X16" (100X40 cm)
Graciela Petroni, concrete
ANACONDA: Rectangular coffee table.
Concrete and iron, 72X24X14" (180X60X35 cm)

Graciela Petroni is an architect from Buenos Aires, Argentina, working in concrete and iron. Her work is inspired by earth subjects: native instruments, animals and textile work of the country. The colours are the colours of earth, stone, leather and bone. Her table tops are made with integrated colour sections inlayed into background coloured slabs so that when the concrete sets it becomes monolithic.
The KULTRUN coffee table has a concrete top worked with concrete inclusions in three colors. Among mapuches and araucanos natives the "kultrun" is a ritual drum used in invocation ceremonies to the Gods, or "nguillatun".
The ANACONDA coffee table has color concrete line inclusions and plays with the extreme length of the table - in a proportion of 1:3.
The CAFAYATE coffee table was inspired by the loom textiles of the north of Argentina using concrete inclusions of three colors.

Graciela Petroni, concrete
CAFAYATE: Square coffee table. Concrete and iron, 36X16" (90X40 cm)

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