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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Joaquin Aviña

Aviña, concrete end tableAviña, concrete lamp
Concrete end table and concrete lamp
Joaquin Aviña

"End Table, 2001, concrete (portland cement, 3/4" coarse aggregate, sand, water), 24" L x 18" W x 25" H. The top piece was cast in a mold that created a hollow middle, of 3/4", from front to back. The thickness around is uniform at 1 1/4"... Four pieces of steel were welded together for both the top and the bottom bands of the legs, then the corners were sanded round. Once these pieces were completed, I tied them together with a steel pole in the center of each leg. Each piece tapers towards the floor and a form was created around the steel skeleton. I mixed a red dye into the wet mix and poured that into each form. purposely wanted to leave the concrete as is to emphasis the juxtaposition of this material in one's home and also to give it a unique texture and look. After the piece cured, I rolled on a sealent to protect the surfaces."
"Floor Lamp, 2001, concrete (portland cement, 3/4" coarse aggregate, sand, water, fiber mesh), 36" H x 18 " W. This is a concept piece. What would a concrete lamp shade do to a lamp? Darken the room. So instead I created something that controlled the direction and intensity of the light."

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