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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Christopher Gronbeck

Christopher Gronbeck
Concrete and Copper Lamps

Gronbeck, concrete Gronbeck, concrete

"The design and construction of copper and concrete lamps is the satisfying manifestation of an inexplicable vision...one of those things where you can't explain why, but you just have to build these things. The lamps are fashioned of new and used building and industrial materials, and juxtapose the linearity and permanence of metal and stone with pliable, organic shapes. There is also a contrast between vintage lamp components (like antique gauges and braided cloth cords) and modern form, so the lamps straddle the Victorian and modern eras, reminding us that lighting is an essential need in all times and in all cultures."

Gromnbeck has a background in print and web design, programming and engineering in the green energy field. He experiments in a wide variety of media.

Images: Multitasker: 6" X 48". "Features three halogen reflector bulbs, each with its own switch and functional voltage gauge."
The Monkey: 12" X 48". "It's like a monkey, but it's made out of concrete." 2007


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