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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Stephen Hogbin

Stephen Hogbin, concrete bird bathStephen Hogbin, garden sculpture
Concrete pieces for the garden
Stephen Hogbin

Stephen Hogbin is an artist near Owen Sound, Canada, working primarily in the medium of wood, on commissions, individual pieces and installations. These are recent outdoor concrete pieces. Each unit is about 4' across.
"What has interested me with the concrete forms is the interaction of the form with the environment. "Drumlin Flux" did the rather extraordinary thing of developing a red algae in the shallow outer ring of water and a green algae in the centre deeper hemispherical hollow. Water levels have to be looked after and I first noticed this as the neighbors sprinkler kept the water level at the right level for the phenomena to occur. The leaves in another piece, painted blue, settled in a pattern emphasizing the form while offering the complimentary orange/brown colour. Later "Elements of Dispair" were made using the prunings from trees, soot from the chimney and off cuts of stone and egg shells. They have been gently decaying changing as the moss, lichen and other plants grew on the piece. In the winter the form gently disappears and reappears in the spring. The bird bath "Breaking Quite" evaporates slowly revealing a rather wonderful shape between inside and outside. These are not popular forms but they sure have interested me over the years to watch them interact with the environment. Its a kind of cooperative alchemy with nature."

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