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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Grayson Malone

Grayson Malone: Cowboy Zen
Concrete Objects and Sculpture
Malone, concrete Malone, concrete

Malone is an artist, sculptor, former general contractor and tradesperson. "Some of the pieces are cast from a mould or form, some are hand formed and some are a combination of both. I will frequently carve the concrete after the piece has set."

Malone uses pigments for colour, and also metal powders to add colour and metallic sheen to the finished pieces.

"I use a very labor intensive process of grinding and polishing which begins with a course abrasive and ends with a very fine grit polishing disc. If the piece is to be placed in an indoor location, I will wax and polish it with a high grade beeswax polish which intensifies that silky, shiny feel and look."

Images: Beachkeep: 3" X 7". "Cast and Hand Built from my system of metal-infused concrete, as a two-part cylinder box with a copper interior. Atomized bronze was used as the infusion. Top is adorned with found objects from the beach at Bolinas, CA." 2009
Persephone: 22" High x 17" Wide x 11" Deep, "Cast and Hand Built in metal-infused concrete. Atomized bronze was used as the infusion and in the slurry coat finish. The trees are a wound music wire armature, coated with bronze and concrete." 2007


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