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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Charles Lewton-Brain

concrete telephone clb

Concrete Telephone:
Charles Lewton-Brain
Concrete, telephone. 28" high. 1995.

"I have a history of concrete objects, concrete coffee pot (properly silversmithed interior, a concrete Teapot, a concrete Necklace. All the objects deal with juxtaposition, retained functionality, contrast, 'Memphis' references and parody, architectural thoughts; stained bridge abutments, marine concrete, monolithic form. A cone for monolith; simplicity, focus, ancient reference; sand pile, missile cone, technology/raw rock/artifact juxtapositions.

"The telephone is fully functional as a speaker phone or with an attached hand-set and part of the work is a play of function/non-function."

Charles Lewton-Brain
coffee pot in concrete
Concrete Coffee Pot
concrete tea pot
Concrete Tea Pot
More work at: http://www.ganoksin.com/brain/gallery.htm
Book and Video descriptions: http://www.ganoksin.com/kosana/brain/brain.htm

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