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Andrew Goss
781 Second Avenue West, Owen Sound, ON, N4K 4M2, Canada
tel 519-371-1857 toll-free 800-643-5759 concrete"at"andrewgoss.com

This page is also available as a very large PDF file, 19.8 MB, with high resolution images.

Concrete pendants, two with gold leaf, all with sterling chains (24"). Each is about 2 3/4" long, and about 1/2" thick. The chain goes through a drilled hole in the concrete. I do these with a smooth concave surface (left), or a V-groove like a boat (center and right). $200 each.

Small variation, 1 3/4", $175.

Three-groove concrete pendants, both with sterling chains (24"). Large is about 2 1/2" long, small is about 1 7/8". One has a red pigment added to the white Portland cement. The chain goes through a loop attached to a silver strip which runs down the back. A silver wire holds the concrete in place against the strip. I have done these in colours ranging from white through black, and also with silver filings added to the mix. Price range is about $200 to $250 (box not included).

Pendant with its own concrete container. (Not for sale.)

I've done many concrete rings and each one is a different sculpture. Some are white Portland with white stone dust; some are grey Portland with limestone dust, some include black pigment. The one on the left was part of the 200 Rings exhibition which is finishing a tour across the U.S. in six different galleries. It was one of the rings in the 1000 Rings book published by Lark Books and was sold during the exhibition. These rings are surprisingly comfortable, but not made to be worn all day every day. Think of them more as "dinner rings." I also caution customers about hard surfaces, although they are very durable. Rings are made to fit a particular size. About $300 each.

This oval concrete pin is made from a grey concrete mix, with an inscribed surface pattern, into which a white Portland cement has been rubbed and sanded smooth. It has two tie tac backs so that it can be worn horizontally or vertically $150. Length about 2 1/2". I can do one with a traditional bar back for $175.

Concrete earrings. On the left, I make these flat, leafshaped ones in white, grey or black. A fused silver link attaches them to silver ear wires. The concrete part is 1 1/2" long, about 1/8" thick. $150 a pair. On the right, the grooved concrete is held by a stainless steel wire attached to a crimped sterling tube. The concrete part is about 1 1/2" long. I have also done these in white or black, sometimes with an inscribed surface pattern with contrasting colour. $160 a pair.

I have a few of these pieces in stock, but generally I like to work by getting an idea of what the customer would like, then make the pieces to order. I need to know the size, colour, surface treatment. For rings I need to know an exact ring size for a wide ring. If you like I can send you a picture of the finished piece before shipping.

These concrete pieces are made from a mixture of Portland cement, stone dust (usually limestone), Metakaolin, water reducer and PVA fibres. (Some mixtures use polypropylene fibres and acrylic admixture. The fibres are invisible.) Most are cast in simple molds, roughly shaped after 24 hours, then fine sanded over a period of several days to refine the shape. Final finish is wet sanding with very fine sandpaper, sealing and waxing with a hard Carnauba-based wax.

~Andrew Goss

Last update: March 3, 2006.