Joan Hawksbridge


    Owen Sound



Cobourg, Ontario
Lake Effects
Art Gallery of Northumberland, 1999
Curator: Rhona Wenger

Above Chart Datum
Above ChartDatum
Mixed media: 12" X 24"
found object, silk thread, etched glass, hardware, graphite pencil, gesso, canvas, on plywood

"...examines the intersection of water and land, of human activity and environmental phenomena, in various unique ways"
Gallery Newsletter

"The beach is where Hawksbridge collects materials, both physically and psychologically, for her creations. She has come to see the lake as a creator of abstract landscape, in the form of the beach, in a way that is analogous to her own abstract creations."
Exhibition Notes: Rhona Wenger, Curator

"The detail and the distance are significant of what is here at the moment, and what is constant in the millennia of the past and future. The details are as temporary as a squashed pop can. The distance is as continuous as a line at the horizon of the planet. That line on the visual edge of the lake is a compelling sight; it is clean, minimal and limitless."
Artist Statement, 1999

Wave Patterns
Wave Patterns
Acrylic, pieced canvas and plywood
16" X 14"
Continuous Broken Line
Continuous Broken Line
Painting: 24" X 48"
Acrylic on stitched canvas
Wave and Four Pebbles
Wave and Four Pebbles
Drawing: 31" X 25"
Graphite on Stonehenge
Art Gallery of Northumberland

With gratitude:
the Exhibition Assistance Program
of the Ontario Arts Council