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Makers Gallery currently hosts the following:
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Rosalind Goss ROSALIND GOSS is a Toronto visual artist. This web site shows a wide selection of her drawings and paintings, resumé, and contact information.
Rex Lingwood REX LINGWOOD is a Canadian sculptor working in a variety of media who has achieved an international reputation for his innovative use of leather. His work in leather explores a variety of heat hardening methods which take medieval cuir bouilli as their point of departure.
Hawksbridge JOAN HAWKSBRIDGE is a Canadian artist from Owen Sound, Ontario. Her semi-abstract works based on ideas drawn from landscape and nature are shown in a selected portfolio of drawings, paintings and sculpture.
concrete ART CONCRETE is a large site explaining techniques and materials for concrete used in small-scale art, a gallery of concrete artists, and images of Andrew Goss' concrete sculpture and jewelry. It also includes information about how to order the book: Concrete Handbook for Artists.
Goss Design GOSS DESIGN STUDIO, where you can explore jewellery and metalwork made by Canadian jewellers Andrew Goss and Sandra Noble Goss of Guelph, Ontario. Schedule of events, gallery of jewelry work.
You can also go directly to:
Sandra Noble Goss
Andrew Goss
pat goss PATRICIA GOSS carved marble, limestone and alabaster into sculptures in her Toronto studio. The site shows a selection of her work.

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