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Rex Lingwood Boxes and Bowls?

Cuir Bouilli: Experimentelle Gestaltung in Leder

This is the catalogue to The Deutsches Ledermuseum's 1995 touring exhibition curated by Rosita Nenno. It is ninety pages long and contains over 40 colour photographs of my work. There is a forward by Dr. Nenno, essays by Stephen Hogbin and Jennifer Rudolf, and my notes on the work. All text is translated into English, German, French and Dutch.

Cost $25.00 CAD or $25.00 USD plus shipping.


Leather in Three Dimensions

My 1980 book on forming and colouring techniques is still the major work on the subject . This 112 pg book is lavishly illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs of my work and techniques.

Soft cover: $30.00 CAD or $30.00 USD, plus shipping
Hard cover: $40.00 CAD or $40.00 USD, plus shipping.

Note: This book is now available only from the artist and the supply is limited.


Table of Contents

Acknowledgements    4

Introduction    9

1) Leather    11
    Tanning, Parts of the hide, Weight, Qualitiy
2) Tools    17
    Tools, Work Area
3) Colouring    41
    Applicators, Colouring with Dye, Colouring with Paint
4) Bonding    
    Glues, Laminating, Bonding Parts
5) Shaping    51
    The Leather, Cutting a Pattern, Dampening, Shaping, Colouring, Drying
6) Design    57
    First Shaping Exercise (The Basic shape, Variations, Changes in Process, Changes in Pattern)
    Second Shaping Exercise, (The Basic Shape, Variations )
7) Scale    89
    Technical Considerations, Laminating for Large Scale Work, Using Power Tools
8) Finishing    101
    Dressing, Protective Finishes
Selected Bibliography    109
Notes on Supplies and Suppliers    110
Index    111

Note: This book is now available only from the artist and the supply is limited.