8: Bracelets

THIS PAGE is one of several showing work from a collection of concrete jewellery and art made by Andrew Goss.

concrete bangle bracelet
Concrete Bangle:
Concrete, grey, black pigment.
The concrete was cast around a steel wire, then the shape refined.
Grooves were cut in and filled with a contrasting colour. 2006.
A larger image is available. ©Andrew Goss

concrete red stripes
Concrete Bracelet with Red Stripes:
Concrete, grey, black dyed and red dyed.
The shape was created using galvanized steel mesh,
then the concrete weas applied to that, like ferro-cement. 2004.
A larger image is available. ©Andrew Goss

concrete and silver bracelet
Concrete Bracelet:
Concrete, silver filings, silver.
The concrete has silver filings imbedded in it.
A structure of silver pegs and stainless steel wire invisibly holds the concrete in place.
1999. ©Andrew Goss

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Last update: November 12, 2006.