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THIS PAGE gives contact information and also explains your responsibility in using this freely-offered information.

Andrew Goss

I welcome your feedback and input. I'm interested in new sources of supply, new materials and different techniques for building or casting small-scale concrete. I'm also interested in professional quality work that might be added to the guest gallery pages. Please see the invite page for guidelines for submission. The contributions of many people have made this web site possible. If you buy my book or email me, I will never sell or make available your email address to anyone else.
My email:
Andrew Goss
26 Clarke Street East, Guelph, ON, N1H 1S7
Tel: 519.265.4057

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© All my work, both written and designed, is protected under international copyright laws. This means you cannot use or reproduce the images, photographs, drawings or text without my written permission. This includes images and ideas submitted generously by other artists. You may reproduce technical notes for your own use as long as my name and copyright is clear.

In these web pages, I have tried to summarize what I have learned about concrete and cement through my own experiments and research over the last few years, with input from other artists, but I assume no responsibility for how you may use this information. It is your responsibility to investigate the potential hazards and health effects involved in some of these processes and materials. Please see the hazards page as a starting point. Always read the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's - ask your supplier) that are available for hazardous materials such as cement and its various additives. There is also more information in my book: Concrete Handbook for Artists.

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