6: Burying Diamond

THIS PAGE is one of several showing work from a collection of concrete jewellery and art made by Andrew Goss.

50-50 pendants one of the two pendants
50-50: Two Pendants:
These two pendants, in silver, concrete and stainless steel, are identical, except that a diamond is buried and hidden in one. The other has no diamond. I have documented the process. Both necklaces will be sold for the same price. The purchaser has a 50% chance of getting the diamond, although without breaking the concrete there is no way of knowing.
1999. ©Andrew Goss

3 brass pins etched
Three Pins:
Brass, etched. Each about 2.5" (6 cm) long. These pins describe visually the process of burying a diamond in concrete.
1999. ©Andrew Goss

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Last update: March 14, 1999.