4: Boat-like Forms

THIS PAGE is one of several showing work from a collection of concrete jewellery and art made by Andrew Goss.

Boat Type G   Boat Type G, detail
Boat, Type G:
About 6' high. Cast lightweight concrete, dye, steel. Sculpture (left), detail (right). 2006.

canoe form
28" (71 cm) X 13" (33 cm) X 14.5" (37 cm). Cast concrete, bronze rod, patina, imitation gold leaf. 2004.

cast form with gold leaf
Cast Form with Gold Leaf:
28" (71 cm) long. Cast concrete and 24K gold leaf, black-dyed.

cast form, dyed concrete
Cast Form :
Dark grey-dyed concrete, lighter mix rubbed into the surface. 28" long.

cast concrete boat form
Cast Boat Form:
Cast concrete, dyed cement rubbed into the surface. Gold leaf. 32" long. A larger image is available as well as a detail. ©Andrew Goss

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Last update: June 4, 2004.