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This is an email discussion list I have set up through Google Groups. Here's the mandate: "An email list for artists and craftspeople to share information about creating small-scale artworks (e.g. sculpture and jewelry) in the medium of concrete (including ferro-cement). Topics can include mixes, additives, reinforcement, forming methods, sealing, problems, sources of supply etc." I am hoping it will include professional artists and those working in concrete and will limit discussion to projects in the field of ART and CRAFT. Home projects (such as countertops, bathtubs, showers, driveways, swimming pools, basements) are excluded. Mosaics are a huge and growing craft, but there are already enough email and discussion lists about this topic, so if that is your primary interest perhaps this is not the list for you. But discussion about art projects such as small sculpture, jewellery, bowls, concrete tiles, desktop objects - these are part of the mandate...you get the idea?

Hopefully we can share such information as the use of additives - e.g. Metakaolin - and new fibres - such as PVA. Or talk about problems of shrinkage cracking, or sources for colour pigments or various sealers. If you think you could contribute to the discussion, or would like more of this kind of information, then you are welcome to join. The list is private, which means no-one but the subscribers will be allowed to see the postings, and new subscribers must be approved. There are about 350 subscribers now.

If this sounds interesting to you, please email me and I will subscribe you.

Andrew Goss
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