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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Rachel Reynolds

Reynolds concreteReynolds concreteReynolds concrete

Concrete Vessels:
Rachel Reynolds
1. White spherical free form vessel: 66r x 45H cm
2. Black round pots X 3: 30r x 30H cm
3. Black/brown pod free form vessel:31W x 71L x 20h cm

"I am a designer maker based in London. As you will see, I design specifically for the garden and have developed a series of concrete vessels and furniture. My work encompasses both cast forms and hand constructed objects. My intention is to provide striking and stylish design for the contemporary garden, an alternative to the traditional terracotta. I use a variety of methods including small patch production, one off pieces and working to commission.

"The objects shown were all completed during 1999 and I have used a basic mix of white portland cement, silver sand and water. The proportions vary slightly from piece to piece but generally I have used 1:2:1. This is very approximate and I must admit my mixes tend to be a bit of this and that until its right. Due to our milder climate I haven't added an aerator but used a plasticiser for strength and PVA bond for malleability during construction. Colour I have added to the dry mix and have had best results with earth pigments which show no signs of fading yet. Texture is formed in a variety of ways; polythene first being laid inside the mould and then dry sand and pigment being thrown into the mould in a irregular pattern. This is then removed after the object is turned out of the mould. Finally a different coloured layer of pigment/cement is applied."

Rachel Reynolds

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