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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Jeff Kudrick

Jeff Kudrick
Randolph, NJ, USA

Jeff Kudrick, concrete

"The end table 16"w x 30"l x 23"ht/ 40.64 x 76.2 x 58.42 has a top that is an architectural concrete slab that contains two tie holes that protrude the surface and run the thickness of the table. The tie holes are filled with a colored resin and illuminated with fiber optics as is the surface and sides of the top with side emitting fibers. The slab is hollow and contains the optics light source. The contrasting surface textures of the top are reminiscent of a beach's strand or any transition of elements along a visible plane. The polished surface shows the aggregate nature of the land and pattern shows the repetition of a fluid body, be it water or air or space. The top is supported by cast legs that have steel angle embedments plasma cut to accept the concrete into the facial plane which is then ground and polished."

Jeff Kudrick, concrete candle holder"In the candle holder (detail below), these works are cast with a Portland cement with aggregates of specific inclusion and recycled glass. The colors are varied and represent a mixing of two earth elements, the air and earth. Set in front of voids in the rear of the cuboid are agate slices that let the light from candles illuminate through their crystals. The center focal point is a steel plate that has been plasma cut by hand with cave drawings within the sun shaped host. The drawings are then filled with a colored resin. Fiber optics are then placed in a terminal point within the voids and the candle light is carried to the face of the cuboid above the sun to represent stars. These will have metal stands, and some will be mounted with metal brackets as wall sconces."


   Kudrick, detail

Concrete shelves in a suspension bridge theme

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