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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Edward Gennetten

Edward Gennetten
San Diego
Concrete Two-Dimensional Art
Gennetten, concrete Gennetten, concrete

Edward Gennetten is an artist using a variety of materials incorporated into two-dimensional concrete wall art.

"Why use concrete? Concrete provides a flexible means of incorporating unusual design features in two-dimensional art. You can firmly embed wood or metal objects in the concrete, emboss deep patterns or lines, and develop low profile three-dimensional relief over a broad two-dimensional area."

"My work is influenced by the two and three-dimensional textural features and colors in natural rocks and stones. I have a strong visceral drive to transform these natural aesthetic features into a variety abstract surfaces... The art process that I use is an undertaking between total chaos and complete control."

Images: Departure: 24" X 35".
Trolley: 28" X 40".


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