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Art Concrete Guest Gallery: Mike Ancira

concrete and steel stoolStool:
Mike Ancira

"I am an artist working in Monterrey, Mexico. I am experimenting with color and texture to give concrete a functionality based on curves, colors, and soft lines. The stool is a combination of concrete and steel. The seat and body were case separately, with a slight difference in the amount of pigment, so that a line dividing the two would be visible. The seat was made from a plastic mold and was ergonomically designed. This way, it can be a sculptural piece and a comfortable seat. The stool measures 70 cm in height (28") and 20 cm in diameter (8"), 2000. I have a business background, but have always liked design. I have a chance to do something on my own, and decided that concrete would be a good challenge, as well as something new. If I could give concrete a new look, as well as give people something that is useful as well as decorative, I would consider this project a success."

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